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     \Huge       Joseph Azevedo
  \\[2pt] \normalsize\href{}{} • US Citizen • (423) 284-1197 •
\href{}{\faGithub\ jazevedo620}\href{}{Portfolio:}\\[6pt]
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% Section: Education
  \rheader{Jun 2018 - Current}{Georgia Institute of Technology{\normalfont, Atlanta, GA \dotfill\  GPA: 4.0/4.0}}
  \rline{Bachelor of Science, Computer Science \hfill Graduation date: May 2021}
  \ritem[]{Concentration: Information Internetworks \& Media}
  \ritem[]{Hispanic Scholarship Foundation Scholar}
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% Section: Skills
  \rskill{Programming}      {Java, Scala, JavaScript, HTML/CSS/Sass, Python, SQL, C\#}
  \rskill{Software}         {Git, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, \LaTeX, Nginx, Apache, Wordpress, Webpack, Gatsby.js, Storybook,, Redux, MySQL, GraphQL, Linux (Ubuntu), Windows}
  \rskill{Frameworks}       {Bootstrap, jQuery, D3, Node.js, WPF, Android SDK, .NET, Play, Akka, Vue.js, React, Flask}
  \rskill{Concepts}         {Containerization \& Orchestration,  Agile development, Microservice architectures}
  \rskill{Relevant Courses} {\footnotesize Object oriented programming, Data structures \& algorithms, Objects \& design,
Computational organization \& programming, Information visualization, Systems and Networks, Database systems, Design \& Analysis of Algorithms}
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% Section: Projects
  % Project:
  \rheader{May 2019 - Current}{Architus Fullstack Application}
  \rdesc{Open source Discord bot with React web dashboard {\normalfont\href{}{}\href{}{\faGithub\ architus/}}}
  \ritem{Engineered frontend web app with React/Redux to consume, display, and process API data}
  \ritem{Helped build microservice-based backend using Flask, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, Kafka, and Elasticsearch}
  \ritem{Developed documentation sites: \href{}{Gatsby-based implementation docs site} \& \href{}{Storybook component docs}}

  % Project: Gamefest Website
  \rheader{Jun 2018 - Current}{\textit{Gamefest} Website: Event Information}
  \rdesc{Static site development as a part of a team {\normalfont\href{}{}\href{}{\faGithub\ gamefest/}}}
  \ritem{Rebuilt the site for the 2019 event using React/Gatsby.js/Bootstrap and Netlify for CI/deployment}
  \ritem{Leveraged CI/CD patterns such as license compliance, linting, and automated deployment}

  % Project: 2340 Risk
  \rheader{Jan 2019 - May 2019}{Risk Web Application}
  \rdesc{Software engineering class group project {\normalfont\href{}{}\href{}{\faGithub\ jazevedo620/cs2340-risk}}}
  \ritem{Helped build front-end with Vue.js/Vuex and Bootstrap, leveraging a Konva.js canvas to render the game}
  \ritem{Engineered back-end/network model in Scala Play, using Akka actors to process game \& lobby state}
  \ritem{Containerized application using Docker/Alpine \& configured both Kubernetes \& OpenShift deployment}
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% Section: Work Experience
\begin{rsection}{Work Experience}
  % Job: CS 2340 TA
  \rheader{Aug 2019 - Current}{Teaching Assistant}
  \rdesc{College of Computing \ |\ \  Georgia Institute of Technology {\normalfont • CS 2340 - Objects \& Design}}
  \ritem{Graded project milestones \& held office hours for students making a group project in JSwing or Flask}
  \ritem{Developed codestyle autograder scripts/workflow for Java \& Python used by over 400 students}

  % Job: AXR Website
  \rheader{Feb 2019 - Jul 2019}{Web Design \& Development Intern}
  \rdesc{Axis Replay {\normalfont\href{}{}\href{}{Before (archived):}}}
  \ritem{Redesigned company's main website, developing accompanying mockups and branding guidelines}
  \ritem{Developed custom PHP to handle modular and conditional injection of various styles and scripts}
  \ritem{Used an Apache/MySQL/PHP stack with Wordpress on AWS to configure staging before deploying}
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% Section: Leadership
  % Position: GTE President
  \rheader{Apr 2019 - Current}{President}
  \rdesc{Georgia Tech Esports Club}
  \ritem{Led one of the largest student organizations at Georgia Tech with over 300 active members and 30 teams}
  \ritem{Developed and unified branding for the club and its events, including logos, graphics, and videos}
  \ritem{Conducted corporate outreach and worked with campus administration for funding/partnerships}